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Heat Insulation



Application areas

To be used as the basic heat-insulation layer in coverings made of reinforced-concrete or metal profile-shaped flooring with all types of roof cladding, including without protective underlayments, in civil and industrial applications in new construction and reconstruction of various buildings and structures.

Description of material

TECHNOROOF are nonflammable, waterproofing, heatand sound insulating slabs made of basalt rock stonewool with a low-phenol binder.


The slabs must be stored in covered warehouses. Storage under an awning protecting the slabs from atmospheric precipitation is permitted. slabs during storage should be laid in containers or in piles on pallets or linings. The piling height during storage should not exceed 2 m.


Features Sense Criterion Test Method
Thickness (10mm) 50-100 m Frames ГОСТ EN 823-2011
Length 1200 m Frames ГОСТ EN 822-2011
Width 600m Frames ГОСТ EN 822-2011
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