Waterproofing of bridge works, ramps, floats and other structures.

The material is welded on a prepared surface using a gas burner or special-purpose equipment. Material application: according to the Manual for Waterproofing of Bridgeworks by Roll-Fed Welded-On TECHNOELASTMOST Materials.

Store vertically, in a place protected from direct sunlight.
Thickness 5.2 mm
Waterproofing warranty — 10 years
Service life — more than 40 years


Application areas

Waterproofing of bridgeworks, ramps, floats and other structures.

Description of material

TECHNOELASTMOST S is a waterproofing material produced by placing a special binder on a superstrong base. The material has maximum indicators for wear resistance, durability and withstands high temperatures (up to +220°C).

TECHNOELASTMOST S is widely recognized as a reliable material for waterproofi ng installation at federal transport facilities.

TECHNOELASTMOST S is designed for installation of the protective and coupling layer on steel orthotropic reinforced concrete slabs for traffi c ways in case of asphalt concrete installation (up to +220°C) directly on waterproofing.

TECHNOELASTMOST can be used in all climatic zones (as determined in Construction Codes and Regulation (SNiP) 23-01-99*).

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