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Waterproofing of roofings and engineering structures.

Store vertically, in a place protected from direct sunlight.
Economical option
Service life — 5-7 years

The material is welded on a prepared surface using a gas burner. Material application: according to the Manual for Designing and Installation of Roofs Made of Bitumen Materials Manufactured by the TechnoNICOL Company.

Application areas

Waterproofing of new roofs. Repair of roofs. Vaporproofing.

Description of material

Bicrost is a waterproofing sheet produced by two-sided installation of bitumen binder and modifiers on a strong foundation. The material is designed for the installation and repair of roof cladding.

Bicrost K is applied as the top layer of roof cladding. Coarse-grained dressing compound on the face side protects the material against sunlight.

Bicrost P is applied as the vaporproofi ng bottom layer of roof cladding. A fine-grained dressing compound or a fi lm can be used as a protective layer.

Bicrost can be used in all climatic zones (as determined in Construction Codes and Regulation (SNiP) 23-01-99*).


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