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Waterproofing of roofs, basements and other engineering structures.

The material is welded on a prepared surface using a gas burner. Material application: according to the Manual for Designing and Installation of Roofs Made of Polymer-Bitumen Materials Manufactured by the TechnoNICOL Corporation.

Store vertically, in a place protected from direct sunlight.

Service life — 25-30 years

Waterproofing warranty — 10 years


Application areas

Waterproofing of roofs, basements and other engineering structures.

Description of material

Technoelast is a waterproofing sheet produced by two-sided placing of a polymer-bitumen binder on a polyester or fiberglass base. The material withstands high temperature fluctuations, high mechanical loads, providing a long-term, reliable and effective waterproofing. Technoelast is a bioresistant material.

Technoelast K is designed to be used as the top layer of roof cladding. Coarse-grained dressing compound protects the material against sunlight.

Technoelast P is used for installation of the bottom layer of roof cladding and for waterproofing of engineering structures (basements, tunnels, etc.).

Technoelast can be used in all climatic zones (as determined in Construction Codes and Regulation (SNiP) 23-01-99*).


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