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Bitumen-polymer anti corrosive AquaMast Mastic

Be-tum Primer Aqua-mast

It is not recommended to be used near open flame. Proper ventilation must be ensured while working. Do not use it in residual premises. Heavy gloves are recommended for conduct operations. If the mastic gets in touch with the skin, the solvent can be used to remove the stain.

Metal Euro Bucket 8 kg/ 2,4 kg.

Distinctive features

  • Has a fast drying-out time
  • Extends the life of metal
  • Secures against corrosion
  • Applied at negative temperatures

Area of application

Bitumen-polymer anticorrosive AquaMast Mastic is designed for anticorrosive treatment of metallic surfaces. including the body and underside of cars, tanks and pipes that are buried into the ground. Consumption is 0.5 liter per square meter.

Temperature range for proper performance

From-10C ° to +40 C °. At temperatures below 5 C °, the Anticor must be kept at room temperature for at least a day first.


Store in a dry place protected from direct sunlight at a temperature from -20C ° to +30 C °. The storage life is 12 months.

Features Measurement Criterion Sense Test Method
Evaporating substances % Frames 55-65 ISO 3251:2008
20°C Hour No more 12 ГОСТ 19007-73
Viscosity °C Frames 15-40 ГОСТ 8420-74
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